Our Customers

Our services are suitable for a variety of customers. Below are descriptions of how we can help the most common types of customers we meet.

Landlords and Letting Agents

Landloard Customer Thumbnail If you are a landlord then at some point you will need to do some work on your properties. This can either be down to tenants who did not take care of the property or just general wear and tear. We can help you by carrying out the necessary repairs and maintenance tasks necessary to keep your property in a fantastic condition. This has the added benefit of improving the chances of getting new tenants.


Commercial Customer Thumbnail Private homes are not the only properties that require maintenance. Our services can help keep showrooms in good condition and fix any problems developing in an office building.


Private Customer Thumbnail All properties require maintainence over time and some of these tasks require more work than others. We can take care of these maintainence and repair jobs for you. As there is no call out charge you can get advice and a quotation with no need to commit


Insurance Thumbnail When you need repairs carried out and your insurance company is paying the bill, you will likely want everything to be done quickly and efficiently. We will provide a free quotation for all work to be done and if you choose us to carry out the repairs we will do them as efficiently as we can.